1961 Nash Metropolitan


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Year: 1961

Make: Nash

Model: Metropolitan

Engine: 90.9ci 4cyl

Price: SOLD


Different but as I keep reading these reviews on them, car people seemed to absolutely love these little beasts. I present you our two-tone 1961 Nash Metropolitan. Looks like it could be used for a promo car for a little Italian restaurant or café but that’s just me. Under the hood is the 1490cc, 90.9 cubic, 1.5L, 4-cylinder engine coupled to a 3 on the tree “H” pattern manual transmission.

The two-tone beast is in a yellow and white colour combination, 2 door hardtop with glove box doors, seats (4 depending on the size of the people travelling in the vehicle) and the moulding/chrome are in great condition all polished up. Small automotive as well as an economical car. The car was styled by Battista “Pinin” Farina, and has the Fiat 500 chassis and running gear. This is a modern shape and defiantly stands out with the short wheelbase and long overhangs. It was an interesting car to drive that’s for sure. They were built in Longbridge, England and were shipped to the USA.

Reference down the bottom but a review from an automotive industry veteran and largest publisher of automotive books at the time, Floyd Clymer, took several Metropolitans through his tests. He abused the 1954 Metropolitan and got the surprise of his life with its performance which was far better than expected… He felt very safe in the car and said “the Nash started a new trend for the American Motoring Industry”.

Reference – https://www.carsrememberwhen.com/inventory/1958-nash-metropolitan/116763