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3 Speed





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Joe’s Golden Gasolines is proud to present you this fully restored, in very good condition, this 1965 Ford Mustang hardtop coupe.

The Ford Mustang was very popular back in its day and even today. The introduction of the Mustang created more excitement and interest than any other introduction of any other car. Back in 1964 when mustang made their debut, people would que out the front of Ford dealerships to get a snap of the pony. One buyer even slept overnight in his car, right there in the showroom, while his bank cleared his cheque. 6000 Mustang vehicles sold by the end of the first day of sales. 56 years of the mustang and it still turns heads today.

This 1965 Mustang is in stunning condition through the exterior, interior and underneath and is sure to turn many heads at the next coffee and chrome in its beautiful polished Firestone exterior finish.

Under the hood in the very tidy engine bay lies the 5 Litre small block 302 V8 Windsor engine in great condition assembled in house at our workshop. The 302 is linked to the very safe and trustworthy 3 speed Ford C4 longitudinal automatic transmission. The underneath of the mustang in is flawless condition. Brakes shoes have been machined with new brake hoses and lines fitted, new power steering kit, bushers, rubbers, shockers, fuel tank, exhaust and much more… The underneath is in impeccable condition, solid with absolutely no RUST at all.

The body of the mustang is very straight with all brand new parts inside and outside added. New tyres with the mustang spina and wire hub covers on them, mouldings and chrome are in great condition, chrome mirrors, tail lights, windscreen wipes, head lights, grille, flutes, glass and chrome exhaust tip are all in immaculate condition. Inside the interior is all brand new. All been re-trimmed in house. Black vinyl seats with firestone orange carpeted floors. Correct mustang steering wheel, all new badges, handles, dash pad and chrome inside.

This 1965 Mustang is in great condition just look at the photos.